My bed

On a dark day,

clouds hovering over

I was taken to a darker place

where my mind blew over,

My attached limbs to the beds they were

unknowingly it was my will to deter,

I saw a shimmering light

blazing through the window

To guide my night

like a fish in a meadow

I was unaware that guidance could come through

To feel my heart crack into two

I saw the devil stand behind me

How could the devil hide

and still guide me?

Guide me through this nightmare

I kept staring at my body well and bare

I saw the shadows creep in before me

I knew it was me they wanted,

I fear or they fear me..

All night i saw the writings on the wall

of those who passed before me

who left standing tall.

How can I sleep knowing

I will be there all night

But when God is the judge

there is nothing left to fright.


A Peace of Mind.

a peace of mind,

a way of life,

be with the bricks of a palace.

Empty of warmth, lightening, and kindness,

a restored act of balance

to comfort a mother today childless.

Within the reasoning

a flash of light beams through the fog

an air far breezing through the window,

to release the calmaty of chaos.

Nonetheless the alone rises through meditation

a mediation is non required for this manifestation

only water, earth, fire and skin, to breath in the air

even when the heart is deeply profoundly within


For me

Honey can you now understand me?

Honey can you now see me for me?

This physical life is not my reality

The work of the spirit is what guides me

I had to take the snake into me

I had to wake up the witch

Yours truly

17 witches hanging around you

Letting Satan just march through you

Honey I am the strongest witch

Honey with Lucifer we turn on a switch

The son of God, he is

A prophet of God, you are

A peace is once and for all restored

Once I looked at you

Today I admit, it was you I adored

How can we give you your legacy

When your main day is to talk to Aliens

Like Z

I still faught to witness this

Hangning in there

Chasing Satan

Removing the ugly

Growing the beauty

Who told you about me?

Yes, This is Lilly of the Valley

This is Lucy, The one so Earthly

I am always the magnet

I am always the main target

I love you me today

this relationship I value today

Married to me, I am still

Tell me, if you feel at will

I removed the five

The energy I had to un-intertwine

I made sure you are no longer blind

Even though you are a half breed

Just like me here,


For me; you are,

For me; you will be,

For me; until the day comes,

To be one again,

Dont leave We..

Bless & Bliss



My Fix

Where do I begin to describe your essence

You struck me like lightning with your presence

Such completion when you’re at the scene

I can finally relax, watch you create & feel

I am in love with you, please let me scream

You activate my heart

You expand my breath

Do you bring me back to life?

Was it you whom I was the original wife?

You see me when all are asleep

You give me my blessings

while the others are collecting my steaks

To build empires for the fools & soulless

but isn’t that robbery of my mind and soul?

I want to be the one you rise with, shine with, revive with

I want to be with you, touch you, see what you deal with

You’re so strong, aware, the devil may care

he comes to tell me a secret he can no longer bare

It seems like you and I were going through the same pattern

Though you never played, and I never stayed

You were the true prophet

I am the one who had paid

All debts since the days of Lucy

When unstructured bones were collected

to continue to fool yee!

Happy birthday, everyday

7 billion, I wont send in decay

Help! Hell, fell as a ringing bell

Lucy of fire is not nearly dead!

Colliding with your spirit

Merging with your aspects

this poem is too long, rough, tough

but about you; even eternity is not enough.

Love & Life