Short stories

Peel The Onion

IMG_4049When we arrive on earth, we land on a family that takes us in. We live with this family for about 18 Earth years, until we are at the right age to be set free and become “independent.” Now some – as the Dancing Star – get lucky, but other Star friends are only let go to come back around and become a tool for resource extraction.

When we land on a specific family, we not only absorb their virtues but also the insanities. We also inhale the freshness and the toxins of the environment. We are then put in for schooling, a great place to meet other Star friends who go through the same experience. There exists some older friends who stand in the middle of a white room and assume to know what they are talking about, they are funny too.. And they don’t like to be asked too many questions…

After 18 – 22 Earth years a big party takes place, it seems like a celebration but in reality it is a get out of jail free card – at least for the Dancing Star it was, as she landed on an area where Female-male Genders existed. They not only existed but they were separated too. And the male ones were the freer-cooler kids. It was like showing a piece of candy that you could never taste. But we will come back to that in another story.

Then the traveling happened..

The Star hopped on her spaceship traveled around the big ball of planet Earth. She traveled just to find that everybody really just wants to be the same as everybody else, it was like a big competition that everyone seems to be very much aware of; the competition of who is the best copy. “No one wants to recover.” She wondered constantly. Everyone was in somewhat of a mental game that is always played, the steps were to convince the person in front of them that they are the same as them and worthy of their company. Too many lies, too much weakness, masks and compliments. “Why are you lying to me?” She shouted, so she got kicked out of the bar.. Many bars for that matter..

So she continued to travel further..

The Star then met with these alternative humans who are hilarious. These people actually left an enormous society just to end up building their own tiny one. They are nice at first until they act like they know better and you know worse, you don’t know the steps towards Stardom. “You just arrived?” Says the big baba boss. “Ok she needs to be taught the rules of the cult: We are love, we make love (all together sometimes), and we drink love. When we are done with that we say no to hate, TRY not to spread hate, and we drink hate sometimes..” There was always something about this group aspect that the Dancing Star just wouldn’t buy.. Or they wouldn’t buy her…

So she traveled even further.. This time through dimensions.. Until she ended up in a room of 4 mirrored walls..

At this point The Star had lived in 7 lands and learned about 6 languages. But under her command she was left alone between 4 walls. She took a simple look at her face in the mirror, and all of a sudden she started talking. Talking about her travels, using the languages she attained all at once. She spoke of her meetings, her discoveries, her joys, her lovers, her magic, her celebrations, her achievements, her pain, her deepest fears, her childhood traumas, her heartbreaks, the betrayals to her loyalty, her disappointments, her anger, her violence, her chains, and her constant search for the Truth.. What she didn’t realize is that true traveling had just begun..

She spent the next 8 Earth months just dialogue-ing with herself in that room. She dialogued herself to the tip of her heights and to the bottom of her lows. When that time was over, her voice was no longer eager to speak, her mind was empty of all thoughts, free of densities, light as a feather, she stood still. The Dancing Star took a deep breath, and turned her head around to see a small black hole and a blue box with the word “Gift.” written on it. The gift unfolded itself and a voice whispered:

“You are ready. You have pealed yourself open. You are now a Divine Star.”

She hopped on her Spaceship, dived into the black hole and went Home.

“No Matter How Far You Travel, You Can Never Get Away From Yourself.”

Bless & Bliss,



Unconditional Love; Expectations vs. Reciprocation.

For some time now we have been meaning to shed some light on a matter that has made many turn around in circles, but before we get there let’s first identify this unidentifiable term; “Love.”

The image of love has been truly massacred on planet earth. Rumi – never – has once said “Romantic love, oh romantic love, how I need a dose of you per day to feel good and validated. Oh romantic love, when you leave I will feel unappreciated and abandoned. Oh romantic love, we are nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel..”           

Ok you get the message..

We define love as: A harmonious coexistence.

“I am in harmony with myself, do you want to BE (in) harmony with me too?”

Now let’s get to conditional and unconditional love.

Conditional loving is extremely 3rd dimensionally based, we are looking solely at the 3D figure in front of us, their ego self, and directly or indirectly demand that they give something in return, either giving something or obeying to our giving. The conditions may vary, for example: Loving someone with interest; “I love you but can you give me some money?” With a deadline; “I love you, but when you lose your job, I’m taking the kids and leaving.” And with a tit-for-tat attitude; “I will obey you but you better buy me a new spaceship in return.” These are all fear-based attitudes and usually don’t end with satisfying resolution for any of the parties involved.

Unconditional loving, on the other hand, is truly the most liberating ways of loving that has emerged on this planet, thanks to human beings walking on the Divine path, becoming a Divine being; being charged with infinite love, the acknowledgement of source energy, the appreciation of Mother Nature, and the interconnectedness & oneness of all living beings in this web of life. This love is a multidimensional love, it is the understanding that we are not only dealing with the other person’s ego/identity, but we are also dealing with their higher self/soul, and their connection with source energy – where we all come from. Conditional love is taking, unconditional love is simply giving..

We give because we love, we are attaining love from up above, we love ourselves, we love everyone, and we love this wondrous universe. We are thus the embodiment of love, and when our cup is overflowing with this liberating emotion, the only natural response is to give it outwards as much and as long as possible without expecting anything in return. That doesn’t mean I – the giver – tell myself “I don’t expect anything from them.” The factor of expecting or not expecting are not even in the mix here, because if we think of its opposite “not expecting” we are thus, creating its other half: “expecting.”

Now why is it that when one has reached the completion of becoming a divine being – yes it is a process – they still at times find themselves chained by this dark game of waiting. Waiting for their counterpart to budge and give something, anything in return. Are we still expecting?

Here is where reciprocation rises..

When we see the person in front of us as a Divine entity (being) – not a figure of flesh and blood – we automatically KNOW that to give is a win-win situation. We thus, believe that we will be loved in return, either by their 3D self (if it is in your divine plan), their higher self, or in another form by the universe.

With expectations there is this false belief that one is in control of the situation, emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically. It is attaching ourselves to a story, and when there is a lack of response from the other party, the attacher then feels like a failure, as though they did not succeed, because in reality we are NEVER in control. Of anything for that matter.

Reciprocation starts with the art of surrender, and detachment follows. It is looking at the bigger picture and knowing that whatever happens it IS for the highest good of ALL. Letting go of control, is giving a heads up to the universe & source energy to take over and work the real magic.

Expectations lead to entering a lower vibration state. Imagine a spider web and you are tangled in the middle. When we get out of the rut of victimising ourselves, we break the web. We can thus vibrate higher (feel good), and start opening up to receive this reciprocation.

Understanding reciprocation is understanding that you cannot lose. We finally see clearer.. we can never lose…

You gave because you saw the light that you are, in someone else. You saw divinity. You saw yourself.

Always remember;

“There is a worldly justice, but there is a higher justice too…”

Bless & Bliss,



Healing the Emotional Body; From Purging to Transmuting.

One of the Dancing Stars’ all-time favorite tasks to get done is healing her emotional body from accumulated densities – ok that’s a lie. Healing is actually a necessity more than a hobby or an activity, and it is a little bit more intense than playing basketball or going snorkeling. But with the awakening of the DS from girl to woman, human to star, and from ordinary feminine to a Divine Feminine, these processes also evolved along with her.

First there was: “Purging.” Imagine purging to be similar to a deep clean, where what you feel within just bursts out of you. Hence, you feel a certain emotion so intensely that you just have to let it all out by crying, shouting, banging on something, or even getting mildly sick. It is considered to be a 3rd dimension process and the densities are felt, realized, dealt with, and finally purged.

Once the collective consciousness evolved to the next level – to what we call; the New Earth. A new term emerged for and by those Divine healing seekers, which is called “Transmutation.” Transmuting energy is similar to purging energy, but instead of feeling intensely, we actually OBSERVE intensely. The emotion is thus treated a little lighter than during the purging process. It is considered to happen at a faster pace with little involvement of the physical body.  

Unlike purging, transmuting could take place in various dimensions. Whether in the 3D; feel, observe, and transmute. Or in the 4D & 5D; for example: through dream states & meditation. The “transmuter” can thus adopt a detached approach to the emotion being observed (to a certain degree) and become a video game player running towards the goal.

Another aspect is that in the process of transmuting energy you could actually choose your battles. When we tap into the collective consciousness we often receive some of that floating energy to be healed by and through us, and when we understand that at this level you are no longer working ON ourselves but we are working WITH ourselves, we can therefore, identify whether it is our own emotion, our counterpart, or that of the collective. 

Some Divine beings believe that the Divine Feminine only heals other Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculine only heals other Divine Masculines. But from what was witnessed from the Divine Dancing Stars experience & others alike who have fully integrated both their feminine and masculine halves, this was not always accurate. Some DF’s are perfectly capable of healing other DM’s and vice versa. At times one is also able to heal some DF’s as well as DM’s simultaneously. And it is cosmically wonderful! Now it’s very mysterious how this occurs but with Divine beings it happens constantly, as the main purpose is to accelerate the process of consciousness elevation for both themselves & the earth.

Transmuting is a beautiful concept, it introduces a pinch of craving and a grain of strength to the healing seeker. It gets them to crave the comprehension of the message received from the emotional body, hop on that chariot, and get the job done. Consequently, transmuting negative emotions is truly the ability to turn pain into power. That power is the power of creation. So congratulations gentleladies & gentlemen, you – not only got the job done, but you also participated in creating a whole new reality.

Bless & bliss,



Can You Hear Me?

15825821_10154675078884961_8795259599298843837_nOur attention given to somebody is perceived to be a great gift in Starseed world. To give our attention to a speaker we usually follow three steps: Listening intently, understanding and analyzing. Applying these steps is not as easy as we think. You see, when someone opens up to another person – whether for pure sharing or for advice receiving – it is usually challenging because we are the projector of our life’s movie and we perceive the world from our own experiences, thoughts, traumas, joys etc. It is believed that the purest act of listening is to remove that inner friend where those that I just mentioned are embedded with. We call him: the EGO.

Most people cringe and become defensive when we mention the three letter word, but in reality the Ego is our identity. It is the storage space where our earthly experiences are saved and it is one of the tools that we face these experiences with.. The Ego is our ultimate bitter-sweet friend, but since it is all dusty with OUR stardust, sometimes it needs to step aside. Especially in the process of listening. When we set it aside purposely, we can listen with an open heart and even give effective advice free from personal influence or interest. Now don’t get me wrong, it is sometimes crucial to share certain life lessons with others, but don’t you get annoyed by that guy who is always telling you not to buy that house you love so much because he had an unfortunate experience with HIS landlord? I know we all do..

Now to spice things up a little with a secret potion, one can also step into the speakers own shiny shoes and see the world from their perspective. Everybody has a past, and to tune into what is called the emotional body we can understand people even further. How can the listener tap into the speakers emotional body? It basically requires for the listener to tune in (after the release of the ego), read between the lines, and with a grain of sensitivity comprehend the emotional tone. For example: Is it an active or passive tone? Our star friends call them Kali and Shakti, respectively. The former being the direct, cold and realistic, so to speak. And the latter being the nurturer, warmer and somewhat of a dreamer. One is then able to balance the emotional body by automatically adopting the ‘missing’ or ‘unawakened’ tone.

With our Ego being removed and our empathic approach towards understanding, we can merge our balanced energies together so intensely that our minds merge too. With these two steps we jointly reach a preferred analysis of the situation. We thus become two projectors of the same movie but better; with two brains instead of one.

Bless & Bliss,