The Invincible & The Unplayable

walking along the last Sun setting embracing the breeze of a tall Man standing there the Sunlight dims the brightest Star reaches it's horizon fading with every hope, every dream & every memory of joy The time is now. I let go all-that-is Love & bring in all-that-is Fear it seems like I am exchanging… Continue reading The Invincible & The Unplayable


What if..

What if nothing ever really matters What if the sun always shines What if the moon always hides What if you will love again What if you never really loved before What if wisdom is in youth¬† What if God worships you as much as you worship Him What if the messages are always received… Continue reading What if..


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.¬† At a certain point in our lives we meet magical individuals who come in the form of friends, relatives and lovers. They walk into our doors at a Divine timing where we either need to learn something about ourself, a negative aspect, a super… Continue reading Mirror Mirror