The Invincible & The Unplayable

walking along the last Sun setting

embracing the breeze of a tall Man standing

there the Sunlight dims

the brightest Star reaches it’s horizon

fading with every hope, every dream & every memory of joy

The time is now.

I let go all-that-is Love & bring in all-that-is Fear

it seems like I am exchanging my blessings with my misfortunes

the illusions & the so-called distortions.

every exchange is bitter

as I fall towards the darker & the deeper

removing layer after layer.

I have stripped down every thought & every piece of clothing

hands on my mouth but I can’t stop breathing

There I stand.

to speak of the unspeakable

 to interact with the un-interact-able

to love the assumed to be unlovable

and to praise the unholy.

to bring light to He who shies from the Sun

to play with He who never loses

to show my face to He who has stolen a thousand faces

But I am not alone.

I am accompanied by believers & dreamers

wanderers & astral travelers

and when the last bird flew away

when the last human ran away

when the last Angel surrendered

the truth seekers remained

and so they watched over

The battle of The Invincible & The Unplayable.


What if..

What if nothing ever really matters

What if the sun always shines

What if the moon always hides

What if you will love again

What if you never really loved before

What if wisdom is in youth 

What if God worships you as much as you worship Him

What if the messages are always received

What if the messages are never sent

What if you decided and failed 

What if you never decided and still failed 

What if the wonders are wonderful 

What if the wonders are also hurtful 

What if the darkness brings the light 

What if darkness & light are forever in love 

What if the demon is within 

What if the demon is thus, without 

What if the Good & the Evil are two sides of the same coin 

What if it was always obvious 

What if nothing ever really matters.. 


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. 

At a certain point in our lives we meet magical individuals who come in the form of friends, relatives and lovers. They walk into our doors at a Divine timing where we either need to learn something about ourself, a negative aspect, a super power, and/or heal a wound we carry along with us. 

We meet those individuals and if we pay closer attention they truly act as mirrors for us. Some people believe that mirroring means that these people act like us, have similar traits, behaviors, reactions, taste and what not. In the case of the Dancing Star –  it is believed that mirroring is showing us parts of ourselves that we would not have discovered if that person haven’t walked into our lives to show them to us. It is like a Yoga exercise, where we discover muscles & flexibility possibilities we would never even know existed if it wasn’t for some Asanas. 

Let us zoom into the lovers, as they are usually the brightest mirrors we face as we connect with them on multiple levels; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We merge together and our energies get entangled that it just makes the process much more intense than that of our salesperson friend at the grocery store. These lovers come to us, to meet us at the level/ frequency that we are vibrating at, they peal us open an extra layer towards unconditional love (which is our core) through facing our fears (if we accept to take on the task), bump us a level up, and usually walk away. 

We can divide these lovers into 2 no-bullschatz categories; the sweet ones we end up hurting, or the tough ones who end up hurting us. There is an aspect of balancing our internal emotions when we meet people from both categories. In this wondrous life, we somehow always experience the two sides of the story, what we call; Duality. We experience pain & pleasure. We experience being the victim & being the criminal. Light & Darkness. Love & Fear. This is how – thus far – we are used to learning, growing and coming into balance with ourselves and hence, our surroundings.

Let us zoom even further and focus on the one’s who end up hurting us. Before the awakening of the Dancing Star – and for some childhood/past-lives/soul mission aspects – she always learnt her best lessons through pain. Somehow the universe brought her challenges in the form of a couple of Gentlemen who would push her to the limit, and re-do the same patterns of what seemed like toxic behaviors. This occurred so she could identify her childhood traumas (such as fear of abandonment & fear of not belonging to a Home) but also her purpose here on planet Earth (that’s for us to know, and for you to never find out). These gentlemen abandoned her, and either walked away from the home they have built together, or walked into her home just to mess things up into chaos. Until she woke up to acknowledging her core wounds up close and personal, and continue on her path.

The goal of this piece of writing is truly to send a message to everyone walking this big ball of blues; not to fear or shy away from facing their most horrifying fears, but to take on the challenge as the rewards are always worth it. To put aside the wonderland of butterflies, rainbows, unicorns and promised gifts, and really dip in Hell to be worthy of Heaven. To face our shadow selves, face our very demons, to face these mirrors that are sent to us so brightly that they expose every vulnerability we have within. Cleansing ourselves from these third dimension densities, our layers of darkness & those of our ancestors (the battles they fought, and the wounds they carried from the old earth) is truly one of the most liberating experiences a person can go through. Not just for one’s self but for the collective, and Earth consciousness. 

By facing & overcoming our fears, our own barriers to oneness, by digging deep within ourselves, by pealing enough layers to even the depth of our past-lives, we finally reach our very core of being, we transcend the ego & we vibrate higher – or as others call it; we ascend. We ascend to even higher dimensions and higher states of consciousness, we become light as a feather, even though we have just gained the solidity of a mountain. We actually, surely & hopefully reach the end of duality. We reach the point of oneness with Source energy within.

Light with love baby, light with love.. 

Those entities sent on our path are both angels & demons, they are there for our own ladder towards divinity, and at that point in time we better look up at the sky and thank the universe for this cosmic information sent to us in the form of humans. No matter how hard or sweet the lesson was. Khalil Gibran once said: “For even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth, so he is for your pruning.” So let’s thank our mirror selves for their lessons, let’s thank ourselves for our monumental courage. Let us be grateful for the energetic work we have done & are doing collectively for the hopes of a better, brighter New Earth.

“When I was a child I used to pray to be protected from Darkness, today, I thank God for not answering my prayers” – The Dancing Star. 

Bless & bliss