King On a Pedestal

On a pedestal he sits

Around a home of broken bricks

Reminiscing on a new age when youth meant playing tricks

To tire is to retire & watch the sundown around a fire

To talk yourself into finishing a game or transpire

Cause play seems like a far away day

Before steps forwards meant a whole life passed away

No time for stop signs or a twisted delay

But soon a generation will rise 

With strong ancestors who refuse demise 

There to teach, preach, set a goal to reach

Out of the darkness these men have already bleached

Who are we 

If we don’t provide subtlety 

A wise word

A hand

Or a friend so brotherly

Who are we

If one word can anger thee

Grin your teeth, be calm, sit all fantastically

To gift a life  

Carry the knowledge of old men

Where today, one sits on a pedestal

Contemplating a life not passed in vain

Bless & Bliss,





Through a funnel we go, where we put down our shield and drop our ego

Its a wonder the universe showed me

The day Eye became one with him called Stoni

Walking on earth and strolling outer space

A man who talks with pride & infinite grace

He speaks his mind, he’s got stars that shine

He is “all so divine” even with snakes far from erect on his spine

He comes from here, he comes from there

He is almost always AIR-very-where

He can be feared, he can be loved

How can he be both even when he’s holding a gun?

I am floating between a poem & rhyme

He’ll make you commit a crime with empty pockets or one last dime

Eye bare witness, he sees no poor and no rich

He is one or the other he just turns on a switch

He is beyond good and evil

But on his wounds he would still pierce a needle

He focuses on what he feels because what he sees is far from real

A man who teaches to feel all things that are surreal

It may be confusing but he could be all your choosing

He is the flower and the thorn

He is both alive and suddenly reborn

He is a fast rider

A solo rider

He is the audience and the entertainer

He is the brainstorm and the generator

The initiator and the terminator

He is the story itself and the narator 

He is no victim he is the predator

He can be both Mr. President & the Senator. 


Bless & Bliss,