Born Collective

I was introduced into a collective

to whom I became receptive

whose vision in my heart

willingly became effective

A place of karmic and higher order

Due to the unpredictable elements

and impacts of the latter

One day at a time the energy began to shift

when a man with a thin snake decided to drift

Drift away from a vision that could change the world

but the love of power was more important to the herd

Lies were told, the seductress snake knocked on my door

when I understood the game;

I somehow felt poor

Poor to know that this could exist

to take such actions;

a community could become extinct

I took it on myself

as it was the blindness of heart & mind

even when I knew

in heaven, with them

I will never dine

To keep peace;

I decorated their ego with love

So the following night;

the cobra came back to shove

I tried to bring consciousness

in every situation

The Universe explained to me

that this wasn’t my nation

The leader of the collective told his men to put me to sleep

He couldn’t understand how a woman could feel so deep

“There must be some hidden intentions, in this girl”

“She wants to take this empire, lets see her truth unfurl”

So every day they pushed and provoked

until I took some actions

and changed the destiny down the road

They believed they could tire me

and silence my love

So I started with the snake to dissect

whose soul will never reach above

A small action as mercy on the minds she manipulates

It was an easy task, this I could contemplate

Then came the time to face the snakes owner

whom I believe would have preferred to be a loner

His understanding of her was a little slower

even when moment to moment he hardly was sober

It was equally easy

since materials were his motive

every word he said

was obviously dilutive

They decided to conspire

have their army march against me

So the Goddess Kali showed me

how this work was beyond me

It was the power of the Universe

that was bestowed upon me

To take down the evil

they were practicing constantly

So I was left behind thanks to the army

who in reality directed me

and paved the way towards harmony

I won’t mention no name

as this poem is not for fame

it is to acknowledge the power of Source

The One with whom we cannot game

Bless & Bliss