V for…

Truth or dare

Pick or stare

Dare I pick

Now truth is everywhere


Play with fire

Cause truth I desire

I would rather take my chances

Than fall back and transpire


Dare me once

I dare you twice

Stare at my face

No demon to entice


V for what?

V for vengeance

Victory is to be held

For I hold it with acceptance


Been down seven

Got up eight

Constantly observing you

Using me for bait


Beat me up

Steal my soul

You’ve awaken a Queen

Whom you’ve wished has never been born


I come back to earth

With The One who believed in me

The One who could see my strength

Even when I was blinded,

a stuttering bumble bee


I’ve pulled out the knives

Digging deep inside my back

Licked my own blood

Finishing a cruel attack


Beast of mine

I’ve tamed you religiously

Thank you for your time

God alone brought you back mercifully.


Bless & Bliss



Seven Feet Under

I wanted to ease away your pain

When you would switch your behaviour

I didn’t know it was profane

For me to change my demeanour


I thought I could slay your demons

All you wanted was to share them with me

Why couldn’t you let go of what was harmful

To a successful future for you and me?


We went to the pits of fire

Seven feet down under

You wanted to keep me there

And go with them everywhere


I tried to rid you of those animals

But you kept on going and chasing them

How could I continue obeying you

Knowing you put me there with them?


We were warned every time

To the truth that was clear to our eyes

Of the harm that will be bestowed upon us

If we kept that entity around


We were told about this

Discussing it constantly

To get us to the end of it

Follow another path righteously


How can I take you out of this?

You were so attached to the opposite

Changed the world and gave you the stars

But in the night I could feel my scars


I would reach down to take you out of hell

Share a peace of my heart, you could tell

Share an abundance of light

To cover your swell

Share my destiny with you

To keep you well


I am sorry I couldn’t love myself more

Looking in your eyes, it was you I adored

“Stay blind” you told me

And I know it wasn’t you talking

They were all over me


Now you flew away

Too far away to hold me

Name in the sky

Do you finally feel whole B?


I hope I shone enough light

To be a soul flying bright

Lay your sword we got this fight

Free from those bastards

Who kept you up all night


Bless & Bliss






When Things Go Sour

When things go sour

the good you did

is forgotten in less than an hour

They will talk of the things you might have done

they will chit chat on all the times you had fun


When things go sour

you are no less than an enemy

every word they say

is so close to blasphemy


When things go sour

you are no longer the giving princess

who gives without second thoughts

to the whole family living in one address


When things go sour

they will target you

do whatever it takes

to provoke you

blame you

and even arrest you


When things go sour

you know the truth thats dire

no matter what you may say

everyone just looks at decay


When things go sour

whatever was

is no longer cherished

in a minute

in a second

to them

you have perished.


Bless & Bliss







There is a reason for everything that happens to us, the decisions we make and the paths we take.

It is said that when we start understanding the laws of the universe and play with the elements of life, a human being can become a creative being, able to create his or her own future. We are able to choose for ourselves which path suits us best, and entangle ourselves in a constant play with life. Though how much are we creating by ourselves? How much are we able to create without the interference from the higher realms?

The creator, the universe and the higher realm have set a certain destiny, a destiny that goes in accordance to the very choices that we make and decisions that we take. When we believe we create our future separate from the creator we indulge in constant mind manipulation, calculations and interpretations, resulting in a lack of peace, we believe we control everything around us. We work disregarding the highest and strongest source, the creator of everything, the ultimate law maker.

Yes, we do learn from people and situations, but the importance of the messages we receive from them are no where near the guidance from the highest realm. No amount of interactions, meetings, dedication to a goal can teach us as much as our own souls from above can. It is that very soul that is in connection with the creator in the upper realms.

One can choose to disbelieve in the creator and take a deeper plunge into an endless labyrinth. Going in circles with the choices that we have made for ourselves. We find ourselves stumbling across road bumps and road blocks. The path becomes darker, and our breath become tighter and tighter.

A fruitful creative human is one who goes in harmony with what the highest creator puts in order. A wise woman once told me: “The creator will set the world of a creative human into chaos just so the creator can put everything back in its order.” To stand in awe of the creator as he shows us, and lays the truth in front of us. As he never leaves us alone when we tried to search him, when we tried to reach his status. He will never leave us wondering. That is why we work with him, always and forever. It is really a blessing to sit back, feel him, see his protection, and witness his power.

There is a reason for everything that happens to us, the decisions we make, the paths we take, and that reason is to teach us the greatest lesson of all:

how to surrender

once and for all

to The One Creator.


Bless & Bliss