Poems Short stories

Forest Satellite

A walk down the forest with packed snacks and friends by my side.

I sit on the softest grass waiting for the sun to pass to the other side.

Feels of fresh air and an empty mind, I go in deep meditation as I trust those around.

I let myself go, my heart to connect to nature, the ground and my people.

Until I hear the break of branches, so big, all to be made small and equal.

With a curious mind I look over my shoulder, as I feel weak and breathless.

My legs are crossed tied down, unable to move a finger, starting to get restless.

I see bright colors but something was set into chaos.

Someone flipped the pan over and another almost drowned in the water.

I unchain myself from what felt like ropes tying me down.

Someone is playing a twisted game, literally twisting the minds around.

I fall into panic, we were all witnessing a spectacle.

Someone is going to get harmed, I got to see this, an issue to tackle.

My joyous friends were unjustly playing with the elements around.

Where they could win, have their way, but the others would lose ground.

So openly changing the energy of every living thing in the beautiful, God given forest.

A sickening feeling got to my stomach like a monster overtaking, so grotesque.

I have to save the others this cannot be done.

To take away their rights this game is no fun.

In panic I pulled everyone together, and pointed out the illusionary tether that was set on me.

So stuck in my words, this is too much, who is it that’s got a hold on me?

A friendly face looked at me in awe, understood how I gave myself as mere contribution.

To mind control, energy extraction and mercilessness, this is a mind revolution.

I was the one connecting the dots for my joyous friends, being used, then thrown for the bin.

I was the one who was supposed to play God, expected to wash away their sins.

Children of mine I am no one but a child of God myself.

Though, why would you put a sister on a higher shelf then act with such stealth?

Back out of the forest, we walked away, laughing as though this was just a silly game.

Secretly drowning in my tears all night, with no one else but myself to blame.

Bless & Bliss



Soul Contracts

From among the souls

we were chosen

to come down

relive a situation

Connecting with life

IndulgingĀ in

day-to-day creation

A soul contract

we signed it together

to remind us

of something

that flew far away

like a feather

We had to be reminded

to love ourselves

how to compromise

for something greater

we had to learn

to walk away

from mental bullies

and manipulation

Up above

we are good friends

On Earth

we brought each other

in deep fusion

there’s no more

need to pretend

we worked through


Soul contracts

are for our benefit

we have to walk

our path

make choices

as we see fit

A life full of lessons

to be learned

Our souls are

truly ours

to be earned


Bless & Bliss



7 Lives, 7 Sins, 7 Lies

Witch of Bel Air

what a fight you put up when you stare

right through that forehead

lie, cheat, deceit

then give a look like you care


Witch of Bel Air

covered with humanitarian talks

community service in the morning

but at night the real one stalks


Witch of Bel Air

we all saw your body bare

how many times you went to the backyard

choosing man flesh like midnight flare?


Witch of Bel Air

we feel your confusion

where is your child, madame?

Did you fall in delusion?


Witch of Bel Air

we’ve seen you dressed in the moons clothing

we’ve seen you kneeling before the sage

we’ve seen you chasing the cosmos

this all happened center stage


Witch of Bel Air

you tried to rule the world

you used to call us “Stupid”

until we met yours…

did you think it was Cupid?


Witch of Bel Air

you could’ve chosen your half over power

a whole entity lost in dark matter

did you really think “he” is what we desire?


Witch of Bel Air

your spells turned back on you

did you think you were alone?

no light forces working against you?


Witch of Bel Air

an agent of the underworld

long haired and fit

how does it feel to take the hit?


Witch of Bel Air

how many chances did we give you?

try to go back in time now

see if we can revive you


Witch of Bel Air

remember that we were fair

we are glad it’s over now

we can see your higher self

taking a long, long bow


Witch of Bel Air

I knew you since I met you

today, you’re my biggest conquest

congratulations Z, and thank you.


Witch of Bel Air

drowned in daily despair

victory is ours


so is the element of Air.


Bless & Bliss