a true woman will let go of her man

when she sees him content

walking this earth

with his desired plan

a true woman lives with an immense love

knowing that love is not binding

it is straight from the heart;

a connection

with up above

a true woman never longs for her union

she works to be whole

an already union by the souls

bodies are merely vessels

to behold

a true woman roars when her king is hurting

lives with an unruly feeling,

ready to demolish

the reason

for his sickening

a true woman sees the enemy creeping

the surrounded energy vampires

onto her king;

they are seeking

a true woman is ready to act hastily

confusing her king

to tear down;

the pretending

a true woman will sit as a servant

watching over her throne

collecting the scattered bones

wearing the truth

as a pendant

a true woman is hidden under a million layers

there are so many of her

she is the game changer

all others;

she assigns as players

a true woman stands when her king walks away

how could this happen?

there she promised;

king for king!

Thank you for this delay

a true woman marches a winner

the almighty at her shoulders

with a hundred angels

who refuse surrender

a true woman loves, but never shows

a child, that never grows

a friend, to a million foes

victorious when the north wind blows

Bless & Bliss



Beyond Duality

Among the trees I walked

beneath the darkness I fret

to plant my seeds

to peal

to show myself

We live under one sky

we travel numerous dimensions

we are free in our dreams

there are no answers

and no questions

I am unknown to all

unforgiven by many

an enemy to traitors of humanity

but an open book to you;

So face me

You are in me, I am in you

between us is a veil to see through

every step we take

every situation;

we outgrew

Love is mysterious to the ego

Game is as common as a daily meal

Laughter is an introduction to whats within

Respect is an order from the soul;

to kneel

Our way is to Yoga

our tradition is the Shona

remaining a hidden queen

mastering the position;

of the Cobra

Bless & Bliss