I am A-Z

Never turning my back

on what’s put on my plate

what’s an empress who’s pushed around

did they think I would let my soldiers fight

while I sit back, watch in delight?


They speak to diminish

we speak to forgive and finish

standing on opposite sides

they aim pebbles and stones

 we stand with solid bones


What if I had put my desires first

would it have been easier to test

or would it have been harder?


I would never choose, pick or barter


You uncovered yourselves

we see your magic tricks

now, how about we flip this

are you ready to take down;

each other?



Handed over since the day of creation

to be the empress, so restless

sit tight while we watch it transpire;

a man-made magic

that’s miraculously going to backfire


I am the ending and the beginning

why would the letter Z be the last

why wouldn’t my name just be that

hey, who told you to put the A first?

bring that endless jealousy to burst


The more you fight us down

The Most High comes down

to check you out

freak you out

burn you out


Bless & Bliss


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