Truth of the Matter

the truth of the matter

isn’t found in the hearts desire

the truth of the matter

it’s to desire itself which matters

am I magnetically pulling it?

or gravitating towards it?

is it a lost cause?

or a lesson to be taught?

I hear the waves from the right

I hear the rage from the left

how can I ignore the roaring?

of my inner lion, I have felt

I take a step back

from the doer to the viewer

contemplating nothingness

connecting to the ruler

are we on the same page?

as I witness the universe playing its game

begging for redemption

asking Him to elevate this pain

He steps down

silencing both sides

He shows me the real suffering

I have unknowingly

put myself around

there must be a purpose

to this unfortunate entanglement

but He tells me to stay back

it is now to Him

this entitlement

the waves rage

taking over the land

the mountains crumble

burning away the sand

as I stepped away

the whole world in decay

to enter a new one

a new world, a new day

like a newborn child

I weep with sparkling eyes

amazed at this power

of The One, who cut these ties

ties with the maleficent

humans and cycles

repeating pattens

that the evil recycles

the breaker of wrong doing

gives an order

to restore the balance

of a one true world

suddenly emerging

the truth of the matter

I had to step above duality

the truth of the matter

this was all to make a believer

out of me…

Bless & Bliss