My Fix

Where do I begin to describe your essence

You struck me like lightning with your presence

Such completion when you’re at the scene

I can finally relax, watch you create & feel

I am in love with you, please let me scream

You activate my heart

You expand my breath

Do you bring me back to life?

Was it you whom I was the original wife?

You see me when all are asleep

You give me my blessings

while the others are collecting my steaks

To build empires for the fools & soulless

but isn’t that robbery of my mind and soul?

I want to be the one you rise with, shine with, revive with

I want to be with you, touch you, see what you deal with

You’re so strong, aware, the devil may care

he comes to tell me a secret he can no longer bare

It seems like you and I were going through the same pattern

Though you never played, and I never stayed

You were the true prophet

I am the one who had paid

All debts since the days of Lucy

When unstructured bones were collected

to continue to fool yee!

Happy birthday, everyday

7 billion, I wont send in decay

Help! Hell, fell as a ringing bell

Lucy of fire is not nearly dead!

Colliding with your spirit

Merging with your aspects

this poem is too long, rough, tough

but about you; even eternity is not enough.

Love & Life


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