My bed

On a dark day,

clouds hovering over

I was taken to a darker place

where my mind blew over,

My attached limbs to the beds they were

unknowingly it was my will to deter,

I saw a shimmering light

blazing through the window

To guide my night

like a fish in a meadow

I was unaware that guidance could come through

To feel my heart crack into two

I saw the devil stand behind me

How could the devil hide

and still guide me?

Guide me through this nightmare

I kept staring at my body well and bare

I saw the shadows creep in before me

I knew it was me they wanted,

I fear or they fear me..

All night i saw the writings on the wall

of those who passed before me

who left standing tall.

How can I sleep knowing

I will be there all night

But when God is the judge

there is nothing left to fright.

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