Short stories

Lenya Rose Asleep

IMG_4430Lenya rose asleep¬†one hot summer night, frustrated and saddened by the idea of leaving her job to follow a path of uncertainty, she started to question her decisions. But every time she looked back at where she was she knew she had to leave, because who she is becoming doesn’t live nor work there anymore. Still, she was trapped between two choices; that of the heart and mind. Two worlds, two dimensions and two realities. Right before falling deep, she closed her eyes and gazed at the darkness, she focused intently at what looked like outer space; black and filled with shooting stars coming at her. Her focus persisted and without a nudge, she fell – or in her case – rose asleep.

As we all know, dreams don’t have an end nor a beginning. You, the dreamer, don’t know when is the entering or the exiting. Just like life; only the people around you know, feel, and realize the beginning and ending of another’s life.

Lenya takes a look around to see herself standing on an enormous spaceship traveling through time and space. As she stood there – in the middle of an endless, vast, gorgeous space, a darkness filled with stars – she contemplates her surroundings. On her right side in the depth of space she could see Pluto and Uranus, arguing with Mars on who would win Venus’s heart. On the left side were other spaceships that have parked next to hers. “Why aren’t they moving forward and continuing their travels?” She wondered. What she doesn’t know is that they are all here to watch the Arrival. A few ‘dream minutes’ later she encounters the shape of a man, one of african-tribal-origins who arrives in front of her, and stops behind the glass window. A big smile, no words, and then she understood. He was here to congratulate her.

Puzzled she asks, “Is there anything I can do for you?” The man manifests himself inside the ship and says: “Well, what you could do is listen to what I have to say; I am here to congratulate you Lenya, you saved planet earth!” Lenya looks at the man with amazement. “Yes, the massive bomb that was hitting earth was stopped by your gift. Do you want to see what you stopped it with?” He says. “Sure!” Excited she reacts.

The ships’ captain brings her what she assumed to be a serious-looking grey piece of machinery. But what was brought to her was an oval-shaped plant, with mud still moist, and four red roses blooming beautifully, she touched them and wondered “They seem so real!” The man looks at her and replies; “Oh yes, they are very real. You see Lenya, an idea when brought to life, can either shed light into the earth or fill it with darkness. Human beings have followed a path that let fear of the unknown reign over the mysteries of life, and for this, they chained themselves with ideas that are just as fatal as a bomb. But you, you saved earth with a gift, a gift of Love, Life and beauty; as lovely, lively, and beautiful as this plant right here.”

Lenya felt joy in her heart, and asked; “What happens now?” He answers; “Now you wake up, and you realize that to us you are precious. In your reality you might feel like you are stuck, but now when you go back, you will know that in our reality, you skipped your steps, and what you earthlings call a Junior Position, here you are a Senior.” Lenya laughed shyly as she felt slightly silly about her worries. But the man continued passionately: “Here everybody will always look up to you for guidance. Here, you will lead us towards Love, Life and Beauty. ¬†Here Lenya, you are not only our Senior but you could also be our Savior.” And the man vanished back to where he came from.

“May I speak to the conductor of this spaceship?” Lenya demanded firmly. As the conductor approaches, he hands her a key, as if expecting this to happen. With this key she bends forward, and opens a cage, where a little boy came out running, and then suddenly, she wakes up. As she descended back to her reality, she laughed, and understood. Lenya freed her inner child. She freed him from the cruel chains of imposed rules and structures, and both her heart & mind were relieved from the pressure of her earthly surroundings. Now Lenya knows the truth; That she is exactly where she needs to be because the universe will always take care of her.

Bless & Bliss,